Filler: Wild Encounters

June 20th, 2010, 9:48 am

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Author's Comments:

cheezie spaz,

that poor unfortunate Persian has me for a trainer on SoulSilver lol. i never name my pokemon any good names just stupid ridiculous names xD

so anyway, epic pokemon will be undergoing some changes and by changes i mean... possibly be completely redone becuase.. FLUFFY LEFT ON US D: so yeah me and koko are the only authors left. i wanna do something with this comic and i dunno about her yet. what im thinking is just turn it into random shit comics like this one xD

so due to lack of a third author who made this comic in the first place koko and i have some thinking to do.


User's Comments:


Well I guess being redone would probably be better than never updating anyway


I left because you never posted your supposedly second page (d)

cheezie spaz,

i was busy with school (D)


GASP. but it's epic! D: How could he/she?! *bad at discerning gender from usernames*

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